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 SwitchScape Rules

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PostSubject: SwitchScape Rules   Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:55 pm

Rules of the Forums
  1. Do not advertise content that is not associated with Switchscape.
  2. Do not flame or disrespect any Staff Members.
  3. Do not use inappropriate or irritating Signatures or Text.
  4. Do not spam the Forums or LQP. (Click here for knowledge on LQP).
  5. Do not bump old topics (gravedigging).
  6. Do not flame intensively or try and disrupt someones temper.
  7. Do not rant or intensively annoy someone to where it will cause an issue.
  8. Do not be racist over the Forums, Ingame, or over Chatbox.
  9. Do not Double post unless it's a bump (Bump must be a week old or more).
  10. Do not act like a moron or an idiot intentionally.
  11. Do not Private Message your appeals to staff members or post a link in the shoutbox according to your appeal. Your appeal will be looked over, because they always are.
  12. Troll topics will only be taken to a certain length, once it's taken to far, things can get out of hand.
  13. Do not force players or Staff Members to look at a Report that was made by you or a friend, all Reports and Appeals are looked over Daily.


Rules of the Game
  1. Do not advertise any of server that are not associated with Switchscape.
  2. Do not trade or buy any SwitchScape Items for Non-SwitchScape Items.
  3. Do not Buy or Sell Switchscape Account, or in fact even trade them.
  4. Share SwitchScape Accounts at your own Risk!
  5. Do not Scam any Donator or Non-Donator Items, if you are afraid to Trade, ask a Staff Member to Middleman the Trade.
  6. Do not Disrespect or Impersonate Staff Members.
  7. Do not Hack or Attempt to Hack other players or Staff Members.
  8. Do not PK-Point Cheat or Farm, (Click Here to learn what PK-Point Farming and Cheating is).
  9. Do not DDoS or Attempt to DDoS the Server or other Players.
  10. Do not use Switchscape as a Black Market ingame, you can use the BLACK MARKET Section for this.
  11. Do not ask any Staff Members to undo a Punishment that was taken on you or a friend.
  12. Do not irritate any Staff Members, especially if they are trying to help.
  13. Do not question decisions or make choices for the Staff Members.
  14. Follow all Staff Directives Ingame, Do not ignore Staff Members intentionally.


Rules of the Chatbox
  1. Do not spam any content or random texture.
  2. Do not advertise any content that is not associated with Switchscape.
  3. Do not irritate any Staff Members or guests, even if they have started it, leave it alone.
  4. Do not act like a Staff Member, or impersonate any Staff Members.
  5. Do not say you have donated or anything unless you have proof!


Extra Information

You are allowed to Account Share, but you must do it at your own risk, if you lose your account, then that is just too bad for you. If you report your account being Stolen from sharing it, we will not handle the situation as you have brought yourself into that situation.

If you have been scammed for an item, or lent an item to a "Friend" but the item was never returned, then that is too bad, because that item will not be replaced. Trade and lend items at your own risk, this type of situation will not be taken into the hands of the Staff Members.

We try not to be the Internet Police, so please, do not insult us if you think we are, because everyone has their own opinion.

Kind regards,


Kind regards,


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SwitchScape Rules
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